The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, which encircles Ljubljana, symbolizes dedication to a healthy lifestyle while at the same time serving as a reminder of the city’s history.

Žale cemetery (distance from Urban hotel 4km):  In the early 1930s, Ljubljana’s municipal authorities made a decision to convert the Holy Cross Churchyard (Pokopališče pri sv. Križu) for use as Ljubljana’s main cemetery. When the plans provided by the architect Ivo Spinčič in 1936 failed to please the authorities, a new design was commissioned from the architect Jože Plečnik. 1940 saw the completion of an unconventionally designed funeral home called Žale, which housed Ljubljana’s first chapels of rest and was quite unlike any other funeral home of the time. Its name subsequently became the name of the entire cemetery complex.

Stožice sports park area (distance from Urban hotel 5 km): Ljubljana’s new state-of-the-art indoor arena for around 12,000 spectators, is remarkable for its unique architectural design. It is mainly intended for basketball and handball events, but it also hosts concerts and other large-scale events.

Fužine Castle (distance from Urban hotel 7 km): the Museum of Architecture and Design is Slovenia’s foremost museum of architecture, urban planning, industrial and graphic design, and photography. It systematically collects, stores and studies materials related to these fields of activity and displays them in temporary and permanent exhibitions, making it possible for visitors to understand the past and the future of architecture, design and photography.

Labyrinth of Art (distance from Urban hotel 7 km): situated in the Fužine area of Ljubljana, was built in honour of Ljubljana’s title of UNESCO’s World Book Capital in 2010 and 2011. It’s conceived as a maze park dedicated to the culture of reading and particularly intended for readers. The way through the maze, made of 500 currently still young trees is marked by verses about walking as art. A reading nook is set up in the centre of the maze.