Go for the local flavours! On your trip to the Central Slovenian region, you can enjoy Slovene cuisine in its authentic environment – in traditional village pubs and on homesteads.

Gostišče Grič (distance from Urban hotel 27 km): located in the village of Šentjošt nad Horjulom, prepares traditional Slovenian dishes with a modern twist. What is special about this restaurant is that all its vegetables, cheese, eggs, meat, and dry-cured meat products are sourced locally. The choice of food and drinks on offer varies depending on the season of the year and availability of fresh ingredients.

Tourist farm Pri Lazarju (distance from Urban hotel 17 km): located in the village of Podgrad, offers you an authentic countryside experience just a few kilometres from Ljubljana. At the farm you can treat yourself to traditional Slovenian dishes and wine from the Gorizia Hills. Depending on the season, you can get home-grown and home-made goodies such as cheese, cottage cheese, sour milk, dried fruits, apples, strawberries, and schnapps.

Pr’ Krač homestead (distance from Urban hotel 19 km) : being the last operating supply centre situated along the once important Sava river route, the Pr’ Krač tourist farm has been designated a monument of national importance. The farm complex consists of a restaurant, the premises of a former store, a gallery, several outbuildings, a smithy, a small park and an orchard. The in-house gallery, known as Galerija 19, hosts painting exhibitions and, occasionally, music concerts.

Gostilna Belšak (distance from Urban hotel 14 km): this gostilna-style restaurant, housed in the Slavkov dom Alpine hut, is set in peaceful natural surroundings in the vicinity of the village of Medvode. Its menu includes homemade dry-cured meat products and typical Slovenian dishes such as the Carniolan sausage, the ‘štruklji’ rolls, and the knuckle of veal. Its speciality are fried bull testicles. The restaurant also serves seasonal dishes such as pasta with truffles, porcini mushroom risotto, and dandelion with the Carniolan sausage.

Šinkovc tourist farm (distance from Urban hotel 45 km): the Šinkovc tourist farm is best known for its homemade dry-cured meat products and bread made from wholegrain flour. During the winter season, it offers homemade pork foods traditionally prepared in winter time. You can also choose from other traditional Slovenian dishes such as the ravioli-style dumplings known as ‘Idrija žlikrofi’, various kinds of ‘štruklji’ rolls, and ‘žganci’, a lumpy dish of boiled flour, shredded and sprinkled with melted fat. All the dishes are prepared from ingredients grown on the farm.

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