Discover a different side of Ljubljana and a local side of Urban Hotel. Allow us to introduce you to some of the socially and environmentally responsible initiatives that not only provide solutions to social and environmental challenges, but also authentic local experiences.

Gostilna dela (walking distance from Urban hotel 12 minutes): is a small but special centrally located restaurant offering young people from vulnerable social groups and the disabled an opportunity to receive training under the mentorship of experienced chefs. Breakfast and daily changing lunchtime menus based on the principles of balanced nutrition are served in a homely and relaxed atmosphere.

Druga violina (walking distance from Urban hotel 12 minutes): is a very special little bar-style restaurant employing several people with special needs. It serves traditional Slovenian dishes.

Smetumet (walking distance from Urban hotel 16 minutes): is involved in the issues of waste and people’s relationship to the environment. The society is mainly dedicated to creating useful, originally designed products made from selected and cleaned waste items.

Cafe Čokl (walking distance from Urban hotel 11 minutes): which is all about coffee and its freshness, imports raw, unroasted fair trade coffee beans into Slovenia, roasts them on its premises, and prepares a variety of different coffee drinks using the cold brew, chemex or aeropress method of brewing.

3muhe (walking distance from Urban hotel 12 minutes): is Slovenia’s first fair trade shop. It only sells products grown, produced or processed in accordance with the principles of fair trade. The shop sells arts and crafts items suitable for home decoration or giving as a gift, musical instruments, jewellery, and textile products. Also available are a range of food products including various kinds of coffee, tea, herbs and spices, rice, pasta, sugar, and chocolate, all of them certified as organic.