The scope of musical events held in Ljubljana reflects both a rich musical tradition and a burgeoning contemporary music scene.

Metelkova culture centre (walking distance from Urban hotel 18 minutes): that developed from a squat in a former army barracks and became one of the best known attractions of Ljubljana, brings together a variety of different artistic practices and events. It is home to a large number of clubs hosting a regular programme of concerts, club nights, and one-off club events featuring underground artists and DJs from around the world. The centre also hosts art performances, exhibitions, and an occasional festival. Running a vibrant daily programme of events, it draws together people on any night of the week. The crowd is mixed, including anyone from students and underground music fans to visitors to Ljubljana and professionals enjoying a night out.

Slovenian philharmonic (walking distance from Urban hotel 7 minutes): is one of the world’s oldest institutions of the kind. Its rich history dates back to 1701, when the first musical association and main promoter of Baroque music in Slovenian inhabited areas was established under the name of Academia Philharmonicorum. In 1794 the Academia was succeeded by the Philharmonic Society, the Slovenian Philharmonic’s immediate predecessor, whose members included composers such as Josef Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms, and the violinist Niccolò Paganini. Franz Schubert applied for the post of music teacher and Gustav Mahler was one Academia’s conductors between 1881 and 1882.

Kino Šiška – centre for urban culture (distance from Urban hotel 2 km): the programme of the Kino Šiška centre for urban culture regularly features big names in indie rock, hip hop, metal, electronic music, contemporary jazz, and other urban genres. Boasting one of the best and most well-equipped concert and theatre halls in Ljubljana, it also hosts several renowned music festivals, including Druga godba, as well as contemporary performing arts events.