Due to Ljubljana and Central Slovenia’s rich and unique artistic and historical heritage, visiting the region’s museums is quite an experience.

Intermunicipal museum of Kamnik (distance from Urban hotel 24 km): the small town of Kamnik experienced its heyday in the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of Carniola. The Kamnik Intermunicipal Museum brings together finds and historical materials from Kamnik and its surrounding municipalities. Its numerous historical and ethnographic collections include items dating from prehistory to the present day.

Slovenian museum of natural history (walking distance from Urban hotel 7 minutes): apart from temporary exhibitions, Slovenia’s main museum of natural history features the famous Zois Mineral Collection, Hohenwart Molluscan Shell Collection, Ferdinand J. Schmidt Insect Collection, and various herbarium collections.

Slovene ethnographic museum (walking distance from Urban hotel 17 minutes): the Slovene Ethnographic Museum is the country’s foremost ethnological museum responsible for the keeping, preservation, study and comprehension of collections of artefacts related to Slovenian and non-European material, social and spiritual culture. The Museum was founded in 1923, when it separated from the National Museum of Slovenia. Its earliest origins go back to the collections put together by the Provincial Museum of Carniola (Deželni muzej za Kranjsko), established in 1821.

Brewery museum (walking distance from Urban hotel 16 minutes): the setting up of the Brewery Museum at Ljubljana’s Pivovarna Union brewery in 1986 was an important contribution to the conservation of the city’s technical heritage. Visit the museum, see its collection, displayed across more than 600 square metres of exhibition space, and learn about the history and tradition of beer brewing in Slovenia.

Railway museum (walking distance from Urban hotel 18 minutes): managed by the Slovenian Railways, is a unique place where you can learn how railways actually work. The museum contains a collection of steam locomotives, which includes several rare models, and an extensive collection of old apparatuses, tools and other items of technical heritage related to railways.

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