Learn about the best that Ljubljana has to offer in terms of gastronomy. Check out the restaurants that have been rated as the best by local experts and awarded a Ljubljana Quality Mark.

Gostilna Kovač (distance from Urban hotel 11 km): located on the suburbs of Ljubljana, has a long tradition of hospitality. Its history and name, which translates as ‘blacksmith’ in English, go back to the 19th century, when it was opened in a building housing the workshop of a blacksmith.

Guesthouse at the castle (walking distance from Urban hotel 19 minutes): reviving, in its own special way, Slovenia’s culinary heritage, the Gostilna Na gradu restaurant serves traditional dishes prepared using novel culinary approaches. All the dishes are made from fresh produce sourced from organic farms. The restaurant serves a choice of Slovenian wines.

Marley & Me (walking distance from Urban hotel 11 minutes): located in the historical city centre, is a small restaurant well known for its cosy feel, affable staff, and fine selection of dishes. The food is inspired by Mediterranean influences, which is not uncommon in Ljubljana, but the dedication with which it is prepared definitely makes this restaurant stand out from the rest. House specialities include the traditional ‘Idrija žlikrofi’ meat dumplings and chocolate pear pie.

Gostilna Čubr (distance from Urban hotel 23 km): is a traditional restaurant whose long history goes back to 1754. Today, it is run by a family-owned company which has, over three generations, perfected its offerings to the point that it is able to provide an exquisite experience of Slovenian cuisine. Each year, the restaurant hosts a much talked-about tasting session of the French wine Beaujolais Nouveau.

Restaurant Strelec (walking distance from Urban hotel 20 minutes): located in Ljubljana Castle’s picturesque Shooters’ Tower, offers an experience of authentic historical ambience coupled with top-quality Slovenian cuisine combining the best of the past and present. The restaurant’s menu, created by the renowned chef Igor Jagodic and his team, includes, among other things, a choice of unconventional ‘castle dishes’ with a hint of medieval cuisine.

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