The Ljubljana Marshes is a natural area of wetlands and peat bogs, known for its rare animal and vegetal species and for the remains of the prehistoric pile dwellings, which are inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ljubljanica river exhibition (distance from Urban hotel 21 km): the permanent museum exhibition is dedicated to the rich heritage of the Ljubljanica River. It features more than 400 original historical objects, found by archaeologists in the Ljubljanica riverbed and during the exploration of the remains of prehistoric pile-dwelling settlements on the Ljubljana Marshes.

Mali plac nature reserve (distance from Urban hotel 18 km): located at the Kostanjevica hill near the village of Bevke, is a unique example of the so called raised marsh, one of southern Europe’s few remaining natural environments of the kind. Being the only surviving remnant of the former moss-dominated bogs of Ljubljana Marshes, which disappeared due to drainage and the exploitation of peat in recent centuries, since 1994 it has been protected as a nature reserve.

Močilnik (distance from Urban hotel 22 km): is a scenic valley where water from several subterranean streams comes to the surface and forms the sources of the Ljubljanica river. It is lined by overhanging walls of rock known as Devil’s Crags (Hudičeve skale). In a corner of the valley, above a bridge, the so called “Jason’s Fistprint” is impressed into solid rock. Močilnik is considered to be a place where Ljubljana Marshes blend into Slovenia’s karst region of Kras.

The Lake of Podpeško jezero (distance from Urban hotel 16 km): it is a small, almost completely round lake (maximum depth 51 m), supplied by seven karst springs under the nearby forest. Water from the lake runs off underground through a deep funnel. During summer a small bath is organized on the lake and fishing is also possible. A route leads from Jezero to the top of Planinca, which offers a beautiful view on the Marshes.

Trnulja Eco-friendly farm (distance from Urban hotel 9 km): located on the edge of Ljubljana, combines production of organic cereals, flour, and plant oils and spreads with tourism and excellence in culinary arts.

The valley of Draga at Ig (distance from Urban hotel 16 km): lies on the northern edge of the Ljubljana Marsh. Its major features include seven scenic ponds situated at the marshy bottom of the valley and a nature trail running through the woodland above it. The ponds and their surrounding areas form part of Natura 2000, a European Union-wide network of nature protection areas.