Central Slovenia offers excellent opportunities for freshwater fishing in beautiful natural surroundings.

Planina Polje (distance from Urban hotel 55 km): crossed by the river Unica, is one of the best known and most scenic karst polje in Slovenia. The meadows along the meanders of the Unica tell a story not only about the area’s numerous unusual natural features, but also about the life of the local people, who adapted to the river’s rhythm of flooding.

Sinja Gorica Pond and fishing lodge (distance from Urban hotel 23 km): in the village of Sinja Gorica, both built in the 1960s through volunteer effort on the part of fishermen from the town of Vrhnika, are a suitable destination for both skilled anglers and beginners wanting to fish for carp, tench, grass carp, common bream, common bleak, rudd, or common roach. The fishing lodge serves fish dishes at affordable prices.

Ljubljanica fishing resort (distance from Urban hotel 21 km): this section of the river Ljubljanica largely flows through the Ljubljana Moors. It is slow and densely populated by aquatic plants. The current only speeds up a little at the points where the river is joined by its tributaries. This part of the Ljubljanica provides ideal conditions for float fishing. The anglers fishing in the area are mostly after pike, but the river is also home to grayling, brown trout, Danube roach, barbel, and rainbow trout. Those using smaller baits may be rewarded by a surprise catch of chub. Dense riverside greenery and aquatic vegetation, the latter appearing in late summer, may present a hindrance to anglers.

Rakitna (distance from Urban hotel 27 km): the village of Rakitna lies in the heart of a large karst plateau surrounded by the Krim-Mokc Hill Range, at a height of 800 metres above sea level. Famed for its healthful climate, which is due to the mixing of air currents coming from the Mediterranean and the Alps, it is the location of a children’s health resort.

Tivoli Pond (distance from Urban hotel 1 km, walking distance 13 minutes): Tivoli Park’s lovely fish pond is a popular destination for family walkers. Next to the pond are a children’s playground, a popular coffee and cake shop called Čolnarna, a tropical glasshouse, and, in the summer months, a tree-shaded outdoor library.

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