The culinary variety of a city is perhaps best reflected in the choice of fast food and street food on offer. Ljubljana, whose fast food is most obviously influenced by Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine, is no exception in this regard.

Hot-horse (walking distance from Urban hotel 14 minutes): one of Ljubljana’s fast food curiosities are horse meat hot dogs, burgers, steaks, sausages, and other minced meat dishes served in sliced buns and other bakery products by the city’s two Hot-Horse fast food takeaways. The Hot-Horse takeaways use only high quality, fully traceable meat sourced from a renowned Slovenian meat company.

Klobasarna (walking distance from Urban hotel 8 minutes): located on the premises of a once famous watchmaker’s shop, is a fast food restaurant offering the best known traditional Slovenian dish, the Carniolan sausage. The restaurant’s menu is simple: it includes the original, high quality Carniolan sausage, recognized as a product with Protected Geographical Indication, served with a fresh Kaiser roll, fine mustard, and fresh horseradish.

Paninoteka (walking distance from Urban hotel 9 minutes): this small sandwich bar is well known for its excellent choice of panini, Italian sandwiches served either cold or warm. The bar also serves other snacks, soups, set lunches, a la carte dinners, and desserts. Typical Ljubljana dishes: beef soup with noodles, kranjska klobasa (pork and bacon sausage), Ljubljana goulash, štruklji (with cottage cheese, walnut filling with buckwheat).

Frks (walking distance from Urban hotel 6 minutes): this popular takeaway offers all kinds of cold and warm wraps with Mediterranean, vegetarian, and other fillings based on creative recipes and interesting flavour combinations.

Falafel (walking distance from Urban hotel 10 minutes): this takeaway restaurant offering traditional Arab food is particularly popular for the quality of its dishes and its dedication to preparing healthy food. The restaurant’s menu includes meat and vegetarian dishes such as falafel, shish kebab, hummus, and couscous with different sauces, as well as various sandwiches, soups, and salads. Most of the dishes are made with plenty of fresh, mainly raw vegetables. Guests can also choose from a range of interesting oriental desserts such as baklava and tofah, stuffed baked apple.