Ljubljana and Central Slovenia make a perfect setting for family holidays. The range of experiences on offer is diverse and extraordinary.

Geoss adventure park (distance from Urban hotel 42 km): in the village of Slivna, close to the geometric centre of Slovenia (GEOSS), offers five different tree-top climbing routes, 72 climbing obstacles set up at heights ranging from one to 11 metres above ground, and an 800-metre-long rope slide.

Mala ulica family centre (walking distance from Urban hotel 8 minutes): the main part of the centre is a playroom called Little Street, where a flat in miniature, designed especially for children, is built behind mock-up façades of Ljubljana’s famous buildings. The playroom contains a slide, a labyrinth, a large blackboard, and a small café offering coffee, juices, croissants, and instant cereals, among others. The centre also houses a room intended for breastfeeding and children’s story hours, as well as toilet and baby changing facilities.

Ljubljana Zoo (walking distance from Urban hotel 20 minutes): part of a protected nature park situated only a 20-minute walk from the centre of Ljubljana, lies on the southern slope of the Rožnik hill, surrounded by a natural forest and meadows. It has a collection of animal species from all continents focusing on animals typical of the area lying at the intersection of the Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean worlds. What is special about the Ljubljana Zoo is that visitors and children in particular have an opportunity to take part in several different family-oriented animal experience activities during which they can be in close contact with animals. Apart from taking a guided tour of the Zoo, available both during the daytime and at night, visitors can join zookeepers at feeding time, meet their favourite animal, become a zookeeper for a day and much, much more.

Water park Atlantis (distance from Urban hotel 5 km): is divided into three sections intended for people of different ages. It is comprised of 16 pools (6 larger, 4 children’s and 6 various purpose pools) making a total of 1,800 square metres of water surface. Boasting 15,000 square metres of indoor facilities, the complex has a capacity of 1,600 visitors. It is divided into several sections.

More: https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/poigroup/entertainment/family-experiences/