In Central Slovenia you can taste an immensely varied choice of delicious sweet treats, from superb cakes and other confections available from the renowned Zvezda and Cacao cake shops to sweet delights typical of Ljubljana and Central Slovenia, such as the Ljubljana cake and Trojane doughnuts.

Torta Ljubljana (walking distance from Urban hotel 7 minutes): offers two confections made from all-Slovenian ingredients (with the exception of chocolate), without any artificial sweeteners or preservatives: the Ljubljana cake and macaroons sold under the name of ‘Kiss from Ljubljana’. Ljubljana as the Slovenian capital is the meeting point of the country’s different culinary traditions, so its namesake cake combines ingredients typical of different Slovenian regions: various squashes, chestnuts, honey, buckwheat, and figs. The same ingredients are also used in the Kiss from Ljubljana macaroons, whose chestnut filling also contains pumpkin seeds, which give them a unique, distinctive flavour.

Vigo ice cream (walking distance from Urban hotel 7 minutes): is an ice cream parlour with a modern interior and a menu containing a large choice of ice cream flavours, sundaes, ice cream drinks, beverages, and savoury snacks. Also available are various sweet delights made with wholemeal flour and a range of lactose and gluten-free and diabetic sweet treats.

Grajska kavarna (walking distance from Urban hotel 19 minutes): located in the courtyard of Ljubljana Castle, serves a choice of ice creams, house-made confections, biscuits, and sundaes, as well as coffee, tea, cocktails, and selected wines and sparkling wines from Slovenian winemakers.

Kavarna Zvezda (walking distance from Urban hotel 2 minutes): at the Kavarna Zvezda café, you can treat yourself to a great choice of different cakes and other sweet delights, including raw and vegan cakes, that go perfectly with a nice cup of coffee or tea. The café premises include a small shop where you can buy a fine choice of sweet treats such as home-made biscuits and macaroons, ice creams, marmalades, cup desserts, handmade chocolate, pralines, and different flavours of lollipops. The shop also sells a good choice of vegan and organic foods.