Ljubljana offers excellent opportunities for Christmas shopping. Visit the Festive Fair, set up in the city centre, only 200 meters from Urban Hotel, browse through the offerings of the city centre shops, and make sure not to miss the shopping opportunities awaiting you at the BTC City shopping centre.

Zlato runo (distance from Urban hotel 15 km): Christoph Steidl Porenta is a master goldsmith, a precious metal restorer and Slovenia’s only master silversmith. His products include handmade rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings, goblets, swords, cutlery, liturgical objects, and sculptures. Originally, Steidl Porenta was an industrial mechanic, but later he learned goldsmithing techniques at a Benedictine abbey in Würzburg, Germany. His best known works include the hands of the clock of the Munich Cathedral, a globe kept at the Deutsches Museum Bonn, and numerous bishop’s rings, crosses, and goblets used by church dignitaries around the world.

Citypark (distance from Urban hotel 5 km): at the Citypark shopping centre, covering an area of more than 50,000 square metres and housing around 120 shops and food and drink outlets, you can get anything from clothing from renowned fashion brands, footwear, and fashion accessories to sports equipment, technical products, cosmetics, and books. You can choose from a diverse array of restaurants.

Etnogalerija Skrina (walking distance from Urban hotel 4 minutes): is a shop offering a fine selection of arts and crafts items and souvenirs related to Slovenian cultural heritage.

Flat (walking ditance from Urban hotel 6 minutes): is a shop offering superbly designed unconventional and innovative home products and accessories from renowned brands and designers. Apart from being ‘different’, the products on offer reflect unique creativity with a hint of humour.

Le potica (walking distance from Urban hotel 10 minutes): Potica, a cake-sized baked dough roll with different fillings, is one of the most famous traditional Slovenian dishes. A special approach to preparing it was developed by the owner of the Le potica shop, the master potica baker Janja Štrumbelj.

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