When the regione comes to life

Famous churches

The artistic and especially architectural legacy found in the Central Slovenia is intensely marked by the richness of the ecclesiastical art. Franciscan church (walking distance [...]

Castles and mansions

In Ljubljana and Central Slovenia there are a number of beautiful castles, mansions, and palaces. The majority of the most famous ones have been renovated [...]

Discover Slovenia on day trips from Ljubljana

Slovenia is an exciting and diverse country, which offers a lot in a relatively small area. Visit its most famous sights such as Bled and [...]

Art Nouveau Ljubljana

At the turn of the 20th century, a new artistic style contributed significantly to the appearance of a number of European cities. In Ljubljana, it [...]

Free experiences in Ljubljana

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free, for which reason we have put together a guide to free experiences that you [...]

Green Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the European Green Capital 2016 and the proud holder of a Tourism for Tomorrow 2015 award. Being a city with a green soul [...]

Ljubljana’s façades and monuments

The buildings' façades and monuments in the old city centre of Ljubljana reflect styles from various periods of history combined in a unique way. Museum [...]

Baroque style Ljubljana

Apart from creations by the architect Jože Plečnik, it was the Baroque that contributed most significantly to the architectural appearance of the present Ljubljana. Schweiger [...]

The river Ljubljanica and its bridges

The river Ljubljanica, with its interesting bridges and picturesque old city centre embankments, is one of Ljubljana's most notable landmarks. Triple bridge (walking distance from [...]

Ljubljana, a romantic city

Being a truly romantic city full of beautiful views and inspiring stories, Ljubljana is a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Skyscraper (at the doorstep [...]