Central Slovenia offers a wide and varied choice of outdoor adventures, from exploring the region’s natural and cultural sights to intense, breathtaking experiences and comfortable stay in Urban Hotel.

Geoss adventure park (distance from Urban hotel 41 km): in the village of Slivna, close to the geometric centre of Slovenia (GEOSS), offers five different tree-top climbing routes, 72 climbing obstacles set up at heights ranging from one to 11 metres above ground, and an 800-metre-long rope slide.

Krvavec Summer park (distance from Urban hotel 29 km): is a great place for experiencing outdoor activities. Its offerings include a treetop climbing adventure park with obstacles of varying levels of difficulty, several courses for mountain biking and downhill karting and scootering, a climbing tower, a trampoline, an archery field, a mobility skills field, a disc golf course, where players are supposed to throw a flying disc into a target basket, and a 100-metre tubing course.

Skok Sport (distance from Urban hotel 9 km): it is located by the Sava river in the suburbs of Ljubljana. You are welcome to come by whenever you have time. Anyone enjoying on a vacation or a short visit to Ljubljana and wishes to take part in sports activities is kindly invited to have some fun with us in the nature while engaging in a vast array of activities that we offer for all generations. Some activities are suitable for children as well.

More: https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/poigroup/nature-and-active-holidays/adrenalin-sports-and-special-experiences/