Then check out our Guide, a selection of the best local haunts, cherry picked by the team and our neighbours especially for you.


Fast food and street food

The culinary variety of a city is perhaps best reflected in the choice of fast [...]

Slovenian wines

Even though Central Slovenia is not a wine-growing region, Ljubljana has been awarded the international [...]

Open Kitchen

Open kitchen (walking distance from Urban hotel 7 minutes) On Fridays from mid-March to October, [...]

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Historic houses and collections

Historic houses and small museum collections offer the possibility of getting to know the local [...]

Performing arts

Apart from having a rich tradition of classical theatre and ballet, Ljubljana is one of [...]

Literary trails of Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, City of Literature by Unesco and the World Book Capital 2010, there are [...]

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Open air events

Free open air events are one of the particularities of Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia. [...]

Clubs and nightlife

Looking for some fun and entertainment? Ljubljana is a place where you can be sure [...]

Family experiences

Ljubljana and Central Slovenia make a perfect setting for family holidays. The range of experiences [...]

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Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions (walking distance from Urban hotel 7 minutes): is a museum of [...]

House of experiments

The House of Experiments (walking distance from Urban hotel 10 minutes): is a high interactive [...]

Cruises on board the Ljubljana tourist boat

Cruises along the Ljubljanica river (walking distance from Urban hotel 6 minutes) The boat, which [...]

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BTC City Ljubljana shopping centre

BTC City Ljubljana (distance from Urban hotel 5 km) Visit Ljubljana's BTC City, one of [...]

Outdoor fairs

Just a few steps from Urban Hotel - a visit to the old city centre [...]

Gifts and souvenirs

The most interesting among the gifts and souvenirs that you can take home to remind [...]

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Sports and recreation

Skiing and winter sports

Slovenia is a country of great geographical diversity offering you, among other things, an opportunity [...]

Ljubljana Marshes

The Ljubljana Marshes is a natural area of wetlands and peat bogs, known for its [...]

Golf in Ljubljana and Slovenia

Slovenia has been named as the Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year 2015 by the [...]

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When the regione comes to life

Famous churches

The artistic and especially architectural legacy found in the Central Slovenia is intensely marked by [...]

Castles and mansions

In Ljubljana and Central Slovenia there are a number of beautiful castles, mansions, and palaces. [...]

Discover Slovenia on day trips from Ljubljana

Slovenia is an exciting and diverse country, which offers a lot in a relatively small [...]

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  • Kako rezervirati hotel in na kaj biti pozoren?

    Kako rezervirati hotel in na kaj biti pozoren?

    Kako rezervirati hotel in na kaj biti pozoren? Ko načrtujete potovanje, rezervirate hotelsko sobo in potem uživate v svojem bivanju. Vse se zdi zelo običajno, ali ne? No, presenečeni boste, da so hoteli in način, kako rezervirati sobo, polni presenečenj. In te nasvete oziroma skrivnosti [...]

  • Urban hotel Ljubljana by www.whereistara.com

    Urban hotel Ljubljana by www.whereistara.com

    Urban Hotel –  This hotel is super central, right in the heart of Ljubljana. It’s 3* but everything about it looks like a 4* hotel. Everyone staying in this hotel is given a smart phone to use during their stay. It has 30 minutes of local [...]

  • Where To Stay In Ljubljana: Urban Hotel – by The Perennial Style – http://www.theperennialstyle.com

    Where To Stay In Ljubljana: Urban Hotel – by The Perennial Style – http://www.theperennialstyle.com

    If I could have the option to move anywhere in the world, I have no doubt I would choose to move to Slovenia. Why? Well it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. The country itself is absolutely breath-taking with historic castles, the [...]

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